Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Side effects

Yeah, they've totally kicked in.  Unfortunately, none of the side effects are of the fun variety, such as hallucinations, an increased urge to gamble or increased sexual urges and/or behavior.  It would absolutely make my day to get a friendly wave from Adam West, riding an elephant.  Anyhow, I realized the side effects had kicked in last Saturday morning.  I told Jeff that I was looking forward to December 7th because I wouldn't have to deal with the cat litter box until 9 months later.  Jeff made a joke about putting the cats in the kennel for those several months, and instead of joking right back and saying something about putting the kids in the kennel, too...I cried.

I felt like a total dork when it was all over, but still...I cried.  I explained it to him like this:  You know when you have that feeling that you're going to puke, but you lay there in bed, trying to psych yourself out of it, you put it off, try to overcome the nausea, but then you hurl all over yourself, and then feel much better?

Totally what it's like when you feel the sads coming on, when you're on fertility drugs.  The headaches and hot flashes (well, mine are only from the neck up...go figure) have also joined the party.  Oooh, and they brought along their friend, "Exhaustion" to crash the party.  I think there was one day this week where I was asleep for more hours than I was awake.

Which is why this blog post is going to be a short one. 


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