Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cannot self-terminate

Ok, so you know that one scene at the end of Terminator 2 where they've killed that melty-metal cyborg thingie and then they have to destroy the computer chips and whatnot?  The Governator says to the Connor family, "There is one more chip that needs to be destroyed" and then ever so dramatic-like, he points to his noggin.  Arnie says "I cannot self terminate", (the fact that there is a Terminator Wiki makes me sad) the whiney, emo kid flips out and bad-ass Momma Conner lowers the Schwarz into the molten steel. 

That scene always came to mind whenever I was faced with the possibility of having to give myself a shot.  No matter how great the end result could possibly be, my hand was just not going to thrust a needle into my flesh.  So, when this cycle of IVF rolled around, I drafted several friends to do the injecting for me.

Last night, I thought I'd be able to shoot up by myself, but it just didn't happen.  Unfortunately, Jeff is leaving for 8 days, and I'm going to have to inject myself.  So tonight, I stood in my bathroom, sans pants (of course, only AFTER all of this did I even realize that my window blinds were wide open.  Nice.) and attempted to jab my thigh with a needle.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am beyond proud to announce that I was successful.

Jeff was with me at first, but after realizing that in his attempts to make me feel better, he was only making me more nervous, he left and waited for me downstairs.  As soon as he left, I was able to focus and stuck that puppy into my leg.

I am a bad-ass.  I am a bad-ass wearing a disco-ball looking band-aid on my thigh, but still: bad-ass.

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