Friday, November 19, 2010

Duh, you guys...

I thought I'd share a quick story.  A few months ago, I was telling Andy that Jeff and I were going to be seeing a doctor that could, hopefully, help us make a baby.  I told him about the process (if you ever want a challenge, try breaking IVF/ICSI down to a 7 year old's level of comprehension) and the shots involved and the appointments and the shots and the side effects and the shots.

When I had finished explaining the whole ordeal he looks at me, and with a very "you guys are really stupid" look he says, "Mom...why don't you guys just try sex?"

I thought I was going to piss myself, I was laughing so hard.  Of COURSE!  Why hadn't we thought of that before?  My god, could it really be that we'd just never tried that method?  Wait until I tell Jeff that I saved us $15K AND we get to do it!  Win-win!

I just smiled at Andy and told him I'd pass the suggestion along to his dad.

Man, I love that kid.

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