Sunday, November 28, 2010

Like a stuffed turkey

Jeff and I went in for my baseline ultrasound and blood draw on Wednesday the 24th.  No cysts, but I have about 10 starter follicles on each of the "cysters".  (Heidi and Polly, the ovarian cysters...remember them?)  Also, my baseline e2 (serum estradiol) was at 50.  (50 = good)

I started my "stims" (drugs that stimulate the ovaries to make lots and lots of follicles, which contain eggs) the following day.  Yes, as in Thanksgiving.  It was appropriate timing, really.  Kind of like a foreshadowing of how I would feel by the end of the holiday weekend.  It started with "sore" ovaries.  You know how your muscles feel after you run a marathon or go skiing?  Yeah, me neither, but I hear your muscles get really sore.  Wasn't so much of a "hurt" as it was a "tender".

After two days of stims, I went in at the ass-crack of dawn, or "8:30am" as it's known to those weird, morning types, and had blood drawn.  I got a call later that day saying that at this point in the process, they like to see e2 between 100 and 200.  The doc said I was at 159.  See?  Proof that I am nine points above "perfect".  So there.

This morning I had to apply a heating pad to the baby factory because I felt really sore, uncomfortable and just downright crappy.  As I type this at 10:30-ish in the pm, my midsection feels like a Thanksgiving turkey:  Absolutely stuffed!  And just 30 minutes ago, the Crazy-Cryin' Train blew past me.  I'm so glad I've never had one of those ridiculous crying spells in public.  They come on like bad nausea: you can't fight it, you know you're going to end up doing it, it hits hard and fast, and just like that, you're done and feel better.  I'm just glad Jeff was here to hug me until it was over...I just love that man!

Well, I'm taking my gut upstairs and we're going to sleep until the ass-crack of dawn, when I have another blood draw to check the e2.  I should have results by 5pm and am scheduled to go in for more blood work and an ultrasound on Wednesday.  If everything goes according to schedule, the doc should be digging around with a laser-wearing shark by next Monday.  Woohoo!


  1. I absolutely love your blog! It seems we are on exactly the same IVF schedule and it is my first time, as well. I'd love to chat with you.

  2. Feel free to email me ima_freckle_face at yahoo dot com I'd love to chat, too! :)