Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well that was slightly scary...

At the risk of oversharing (because it's just something my mouth and typing fingers force me to do) let me just say that this story started with a tiny bit of bright, red "spotting" and a slight tenderness/bit of pressure on my internal lady bits.  After a call to my OB, it was determined that a quick visit to their office wouldn't be a bad idea.

Considering how worried I was, especially when the tenderness/bit of pressure turned to the yucky feeling one gets when one's Aunt Flo is arriving, I was rather cool and collected.  My blood pressure was even really good, too.  (114 over 76 thankyouverymuch.)  So with a very fashionable paper-sheet skirt draped across my lower half, I waited for the doc and her shadow, a very nice student Nurse Practitioner.

The ultrasound paddle was applied to my belly and I was greeted by what I'd been really wanting to see: movement of the Bellybeans and strong heartbeats.  The OB needed to check to see if I was dilated, and I won't go into detail but that procedure involved a rather painful run in with a speculum.

Fucking OUCH.

Good news, no blood and cervix appeared closed.

Bad news, she still seemed concerned about preterm labor.

Fucking GREAT.

She asked if I was on Progesterone of any form and I said that we stopped PIO shots at 10 weeks.  She said that she was putting me back on PIO shots, but that they'd be weekly vs. daily.  Then she ordered an ultrasound with Dr. Siddiqi (same perinatal office that preformed the nuchal translucency test) so that they could check the length of my cervix.

Long cervix = good things.  Short cervix = bad things.

I go in on Thursday to have the thing measured and if it's short (let's hope it's not, ok?) I get a cergclage stitched in.

I wonder if they'll have to redeploy the laser wearing shark?

Anyhow, after getting my first shot in my ample rear (well, the first in about 5 weeks...the needle vacation was nice while it lasted!) my ultrasound with Dr. Siddiqi was scheduled for this Thursday at 10am.  Until then, I'm supposed to relax and take it easy.  No lifting.  Which, honestly, is pretty much what I've been doing since the womb squatters took up residence.

So to sum up: this isn't terrible news.  It ain't so great, but it's not terrible.  

Oh, and to the handful of women in the OB waiting room who gave me the side-eye because I wore my Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms: I hope you got a really cold speculum thrust somewhere.

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