Saturday, March 19, 2011

Suck in that gut, lady!

No, that wasn't something I heard from a stranger mistaking a belly full of babies for a belly full of pudge.  It was something I said to myself as I walked past a mirror in the house, the other day!  So I stopped in front of said mirror, stood up straight, and to my amazement (and relief) this belly I have isn't something I got from one too many trips to Chipotle!  This was genuine "babies bump".

Now, this is usually where I'd post a picture of the fuselage of the Mothership, but I don't have a recent one and I'm not about to take one because I'm in old sweats, an old, tie-dyed t-shirt and have a mop of recently showered hair atop my head.  The internet does not need to see that.  I sort of promise to kind of attempt to get myself into a cute prego shirt tomorrow and ask Jeff to take a picture of me.  I do need more of them for my scrapbook, anyhow.

But for those of you who MUST know what the bump looks like now, this is will give you a good idea of what I look like.


Anyhow, I have another major announcement.  I'm calling the time of death for my morning sickness!  It has been an entire week without so much as a gag or the slightest wave of nausea!  I think I've more than paid my vomit dues with this pregnancy, that if I ever got pregnant again (don't count on it!!) I would have the opposite of nausea.  Not sure what that would be, but it sounds good.  I'm still not eating a ton, yet.  I get hungry, sure, but not the ravenous, lions tearing into a fresh zebra, kind of hunger.  But I still don't like coffee *frowny face*.

The girls are also moving a lot more.  It's the coolest feeling and I can hardly wait for Jeff and the boys to be able to feel them, too!  Until then, it feels like a sweet, little secret between me and my girls.  

Well, I managed to go the entire day without needing a nap!  However, this means that I need to go to bed.  Like, now.


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  1. I came across your blog via 2peas a few months back and was enjoying reading. I noticed today that we havent heard from you on here for ages - I hope everything is ok with you and your family.