Monday, March 14, 2011

All is good in the baby 'hood

Sorry for the lack of update.  I posted the results of the scan on Facebook, but then forgot that some of you who read this aren't on Facebook.  Anyhow, my cervix is of normal length (I'm so glad I just put that phrase on the internet) and there isn't going to be any nasty cerclage business for this pregnant lady!  Since that day there hasn't been anymore discomfort or other reason to worry.

Well, unless you're my husband.  See, on Saturday I found one of those Maternity Ultrasound Spa places.  (These places do massages on pregos and also offer 3D images of your precious, bellybeans.)  Being nearly 16 weeks, they were able to tell me what we have growing in there:

GIRLS!  Two, beautiful, precious, little girls!  The one on my right is Natalie and the one on my left is Elizabeth.  Although Andy picked the name Elizabeth, I like to think that he wanted to name her after Ms. Taylor.  And of course, being the insane Natalie Wood fan I am, Natalie is named after Ms. Wood.

And that, dear readers, is what we have to worry about.  I once heard a comedian say, "Having a little boy is so much easier than having a little girl.  See, with the little boys, you just have to watch out for that little boy.  With little girls, you have to watch out for that little girl and all the other little boys."

Pink is just so foreign.  Pink squeals and wears frilly things and is just  Look, I have nothing against girls.  Being one, I think we're pretty awesome.  However, I can say that because I've never raised one.  I've been swimming in a sea of blue for the past eight-ish years and I know how to navigate these waters.  These are fun, sometimes rough-and-tumble, waters.  All the dolphins have lightsabers and the seagulls wrestle each other.  

But a sea of pink?  How on earth do I scrapbook pink?  What kinds of stories do pink things like?  What games do these pinklings play?  Will I know how to speak pink?

I do have some help in my corner, though.  I have two little boys who are just tickled, dare I say, to be having sisters.  I have a husband who is going to be their hero.  And I have a love for them that started in my heart before these precious baby girls were ever even brought into existence.

I think we're going to be just fine.

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