Saturday, January 29, 2011

IVF/ICSI Graduate!

After just one round of IVF/ICSI, Jeff and I graduated with flying colors!  (We're fast learners, I guess.)  I definitely don't take that lightly though, considering the countless women and their partners who struggle through cycle after cycle and don't get anywhere closer to their dream than they were when they first started.

So after a great ultrasound (and seeing the babies MOVE!  Like, actually squirm around!!) I was released from Dr. Thomas' care.  I ended up switching OBs, too.  Not because I didn't like the practice I was at, but because I want to deliver at a hospital with a Level III NICU.  This is a good thing to have when expecting twins, or so I've read.  The new OB's office only deliver at Good Sam, which not only has a Level III NICU, but I've heard nothing but rave reviews about.  I had my first appointment with them on Friday and it went well.  The doc I saw was really nice and we hit it off.  I think the high point of the visit was during the exam, she asked if I had any questions.  I asked, "Yeah, when do my boobs get bigger?  I mean, if I'm going to be pregnant, I want huge melons."  I knew we were going to be friends when she snortlaughed.

Anyhow, here are the last ultrasound pictures from Dr. Thomas' office.  They actually look like real babies!  Heads and bellies and hands and legs and things!

Pretty neat, huh?


  1. Andrea - the other day when you had a question for me, was it about your boobs? :D

  2. What a great ending to this big journey you've been on. I found another blog to be helpful too.

    Keep on posting!